NEW THEME!! Be one of the first attendees to paint your Moon Goddess with Ellie Alasantra! Come join us for a fun and creative in-person event, where you'll tap into your intuition and express yourself by painting onto a canvas.

Saturday, March 23, 2024
1:00-3:00 pm
The Treehouse, 203 Summer Lane, Moncks Corner, SC
Fun Fee: $44.00 per person (no additional event fees or taxes)

Come ready to paint something new and different - something that is unique to you! In honor of the upcoming March Full Moon (on 3/25), let's unleash your divine feminine energy by painting your Moon Goddess. This Intuitive Art Class will focus on visualizing your Moon Goddess and then painting this beauty onto a canvas.

In this intuitive art class, we will paint luminary visions onto a canvas. You are the master of your painting. You have the freedom to choose exactly what you'd like to paint. You choose all of your paint colors and the style of your painting. Feel free to express the REAL you. No criticism. No judgments. No fear. Allow your Moon Goddess painting to be a unique expression of you, of your soul.

Everything is done step-by-step (colorwash background, Moon Goddess body, and fancy details). There is no wrong way to paint. If you get stuck, no worries. Help will soon be on the way :=) No experience is necessary, just a desire to have some playful fun with paint. And there is no wrong way to paint – use your fingers, a brush, a feather... whatever makes you happy. If you make a mistake, Ellie has some remedies to make things better.

Fun Fee is $44 and includes all materials and supplies.

Meet your Host: Ellie Alasantra is an energy artist, cosmic scribe, and healing arts facilitator with a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree and over 30 years of painting experience. Ellie creates soul-inspired artworks and energy tools to help individuals discover the deeper meanings of life so they can live more purposeful, fulfilling, and happy lives.

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