Ellie: Multi-dimensional Cosmic Scribe, Intuitive Energy Artist, and Healing Arts Facilitator

Art is a prominent part of who and what I am (take a look at the last 3 letters of my last name and reverse the order) :=) Art and creativity are in my blood and DNA, and they are also a part of my Soul’s path. And I know they always will be.

My parents told me I began drawing before I could speak or write my name. I saw lots of kids my age carrying a teddy bear or doll around with them. I preferred to tote a pencil and sketch pad wherever I went (well, except for the occasional Barbie doll). Art always came naturally to me along with a high level of curiosity to experiment with ALL types of art – including sculpture, photography, painting, video, illustration, design – even paper making, art therapy, color theory, and glass blowing.

I am a formally-trained artist (BFA) and since graduating, 97% of my jobs have been art-related in some form or another (designer, illustrator, art manager, photographer, etc.). While attending Art College, I was introduced to my spiritual side by means of Metaphysics, which I was instantly drawn to, along with every sub-category imaginable. I was like a sponge and I could not soak up enough of the endless opportunities to explore the ancient and hidden wisdom that was within me – within all of us – 24/7/365.

After graduating Art College, I decided to take the traditional route, and put my spiritual knowledge and learning aside while I worked in Corporate America and chose to experience a traditional marriage. During that time of living to work and working to live, my spirituality never disappeared; it was always there on some level, patiently waiting for me. (Truth be told, I chose not to pay attention to it for decades.) It wasn't until 2013 (a few years after my divorce) that my spiritual curiosities started to return to my immediate awareness in full force. My intuitive visions and innate knowingness were becoming very noticeable – so much that I could no longer ignore the spiritual side of me; I had to pay attention to it no matter what my monkey brain/ego was telling me to do on the other side.

In the spring of 2015, my dear grandmother (‘Gramcracker’ as I called her) departed this physical world. I spent many months mourning and grieving the loss of her physical presence in my life. I felt a part of me was empty and missing her terribly. It took a while to heal the sadness and sorrow I had been feeling deep in my core, my inner being, and my heart. I started reaching out to spiritual and Metaphysical groups on Meetup. I attended a meditation and although I wasn’t quite sure about it beforehand, afterwards I knew it was time to bring meditation (and Metaphysics) back into my life and so I began Phase II of my Spiritual and Metaphysical life.

Later that same year, I started creating energy tools (art using symbols, codes, and patterns that have underlying layers of healing energy within them) to help people balance their Chakra energy centers for a healthy well-being. I also taught classes to show people how to connect to these energy tools and use their own energies to help heal pieces in themselves. In the spring of 2018, I realized that another part of my Soul's path in this lifetime was to be involved in the therapeutic side of art in some way, shape, or color. I started studying Art Therapy and ways to integrate my intuitive side with that creative healing modality. To further help others heal from their emotional trauma and drama, I started facilitating Playshops and intuitive art classes around the Charleston, SC, USA area, which allowed people the opportunity to express themselves creatively while (subconsciously) lightening the load of pain and anger they were carrying around with them all of the time.

As my connection to Spirit/The Universe expanded, so did my awareness that we here on Earth are not alone in this galaxy. There exists many other outer galaxies and star systems yet to be discovered by humankind. As related to this cosmic realization, in mid-autumn of 2019, I learned that I have the spiritual ability and gift to download Light Language Symbols (Light Codes) and Soul Codes from these cosmic star systems in 2 and 3 dimensions. These codes are making themselves known to help people connect to their Souls, live in both (physical and spiritual) worlds, and keep moving forward on their Souls' paths, all while providing people with the physical and material basics that we all want and need. This is extremely important as we move through 2021 (and beyond). With the health condition continuing to make its way through this calendar year, more people around the globe are holding onto the energies of the past, hoping for that day when they can return to what was (2019). To me, it feels this year (2021) will be a year of tremendous continued change, a time for all of us to heal the past and discover new and more spiritually-satisfying ways of living simultaneously in the physical/material and spiritual/esoteric worlds, for it is definitely possible: I am living proof of this combined thinking (physical) and feeling (spiritual) existence. It is possible for every single one of us, around this planet to live/walk/work in both worlds, simultaneously.

To continue spreading this cosmic knowledge, information, and wisdom, I am SUPER EXCITED to share with you that I am in the process of creating a unique, limited edition Oracle card deck with guidebook (release date 2021) highlighting the Light Language Symbols and Cosmic Codes that have infused themselves into my daily life. If you would like to be kept up-to-date, please email me to sign up for updates. You will also receive a price break, signed cover, and a jazzed-up Light Language activation card. What could be better??!?

How Ellie Healed – from Darkness to Light

We are all human and let's face it... Each one of us – at one time or another – has experienced some type of hurt or pain (examples: emotional wounds, physical trauma) from our past that may be lingering within us (either physically, emotionally, or both) and that pain is preventing us from living our lives to the fullest and being the BEST VERSION of ourselves.

Perhaps we've been carrying this hurt and pain with us for 3 months, 3 years, or since we were 3 years old. Myself included. My childhood was scattered with abuse, which varied in intensity. It was the kind you can imagine and yes, there were some sexual pieces mixed in. I grew up in darkness, feeling like I was constantly walking on eggshells around family members and friends. I learned not to make anyone upset for fear of an angry out lash against me. I became numb emotionally, physically, mentally, and spiritually. I learned to put my needs, desires, and feelings aside and concentrate all of my energy towards pleasing others. The word "No" was not in my vocabulary.

Even as a young girl in the late 60s and early 70s, I knew I wanted to escape and get away from where I was. I believed in karma and Spirit/Soul connections although I wasn't quite sure of the proper terminology to express myself to others back then. So instead I drew pictures of everything that I saw and played art class with my "imaginary" friends outside. It was the best way for me to cope with my physical surroundings and the emotional turmoil I had experienced during my childhood.

Fast-forward into my younger years of adulthood: I carried those learned traits and characteristics from my childhood with me – continuing to be a people-pleaser, running (and hiding) from confrontation, and neglecting my own needs and desires. I thought I was the only one who felt uncomfortable in the presence of strong personalities. As a young, professional adult, after graduating Art College, I realized how many women and men had experienced similar situations that I had been through and it was at that point I made the decision to walk away from the darkness (my past) and move towards the Light (my spiritual awakening).

Beginning in my mid-twenties, I spent 15+ years in traditional therapy/counseling before seeking non-traditional methods of healing my emotional and mental wounds. Although I was able to make some progress towards the Light by talking with some counselors, I still felt stuck – like I was on a merry-go-round that never stopped – continuing with the repetitive act of always talking about my past, reliving my dysfunctional childhood time and time again, and then recycling and re-evaluating ill-feelings and emotions. I wanted to move on. I wanted to move toward my future! I knew it was what I needed to do for my mind-body-spirit connection. I yearned for emotional healing.

I started healing my heart, Soul, and Spirit in my late forties. With the help of a soul empowerment coach, Dr. Wendy Perrell, and my own desire to journey to the Light, I was able to make tremendous strides to heal the little girl inside of me, nurture my Soul, and cleanse my Spirit. I found creating art to be the best way for me to express myself and transmute those dark emotions that were preventing me from shining my Light for all to see. Creating the Third Eye Chakra Energy Tool was an instrumental part of my spiritual journey toward the Light and healing myself. As I spent many, many hours in meditation (sometimes 2+ hours at a time!) and creating art based on what I saw from my meditations, I was consciously releasing the trauma and drama that I had been carrying with me for over 47 years. I let go of all of the secrets. I turned the lies into truths. As I forgave all who were involved, my anger started to dissolve as it changed to compassion, kindness, and empathy. I was able to welcome self-love back into my life. Slowly but surely, I got my personal power back!

Looking back at my life, I've gone from being torn apart as a scared little girl to being an enlightened, spirited Soul with laugh lines on my face and happiness in my heart. Now I wake up each morning in deep gratitude for the coming day, the love I have for myself and others, and the spiritual connection I maintain while living (and working) in both the physical/3D and spiritual/esoteric worlds. I spend my days doing what I love and I love what I do. Each evening I go to bed bathed in immense gratitude and more excitement for the coming of the next day. I look around and I see all kinds of new opportunities of infinite abundance, blessings, joy, happiness, love, and adventures that await every single one of us. We are all so very blessed!!!

I wish you a day filled with hubba-bubba love, united peace, infinite abundance, and light-filled happiness as you set your feet forward and walk on your Soul's path, taking time to breathe in joy and breathe out joy to yourself and all others.
Creative Blessings to you!