"I love my Soul's Code. I have it all over my house and in my car, and whenever I look at it, my Soul Code makes me smile, fills my heart with joy, and makes me feel so good. My life is more positive now, and I feel I am in the flow of universal energies. It's changed how I meditate. Instead of asking for light to come in during meditation, I visualize my Soul Code filling all my cells with light...and it does! The most powerful part is that it validates who I am, where I am on my Soul's path, and that I am doing exactly what I should be doing in my life and being the light I am supposed to be. My Soul Code of Light has helped strengthen my spiritual gifts and tools. Each day, it helps me to move forward and continue to share my light with every person, animal, and all innate energy sources provided by Gaia/Mother Earth. To anyone who is ready for it, I recommend getting a Soul Code of Light. It will change your Soul, life, and world." ~Debra E.

What is a Soul Code?

A Soul Code of Light is comprised of a unique arrangement of many Light Language symbols (Light codes) and cosmic markings with messages of Light (guidance) attached to each symbol/marking. Each one of these Light Language symbols and cosmic markings carries with it very specific pieces of information, knowledge, and ancient wisdom brought from past lives and beyond the physical world to help you move forward with your life. This guidance is available in the form of channel-written messages that are meant specifically for you. Think of these messages as a way of your Soul talking to you. What does your soul wish you to know? Having a layer of your Soul Code of Light may be one way to find out. Curious?? You can begin the discovery process by ordering yours – click here to get started.

Your Soul Code has an Infinite Number of Layers

Light Language symbols explained As a part of humankind, there exists an infinite number of Light Language symbols and cosmic markings within our knowingness. Every person, place, and thing has many Light Language symbols and/or cosmic markings associated with it. Each Soul Code of Light contains a vast number of layers, with each layer containing different Light Language symbols, cosmic markings, and messages of guidance. Imagine the Light Language symbols/cosmic markings as being layers of a sweet onion and within each layer are more layers containing more Light Language symbols and cosmic markings (yes, there are symbols within the symbols!). There is such a vast amount of information, knowledge, and ancient wisdom to be shared with you that it cannot be contained in one universe – or one layer of your Soul Code of Light.

Since everyone is unique, it would make sense that everyone’s soul is also one-of-a-kind. So that means that no two people’s Soul Codes of Light would look the same. With your permission, Ellie is able to tap into your energy field to download, draw, and color a two-dimensional visual of your unique Light Language symbols and cosmic markings, which make up the layer of your Soul Code of Light that is most needed for you at this time in your life.

How are Soul Codes of Light Created?

In a nutshell, Soul Codes of Light are downloaded and received from Ellie asking her spiritual and cosmic collective teams to show her the layer of your Soul Code that will bring you the highest and most useful information for your Soul’s growth and expansion at this present time. The Light Language symbols and cosmic markings that she sees in her mind’s eye guide her to either draw the symbols and markings onto paper or create them using computer software.

After the first stage of your Soul Code of Light is complete and Ellie’s spiritual and cosmic collective teams [literally] give her the green light to move forward, she adds more color to your Soul Code. Once that next step is complete, she asks her spiritual and cosmic collective teams for the important messages and guidance to help you understand the specific Light Language symbols and cosmic markings of your Soul Code of Light. Ellie channel-writes the information specifically to help and assist you. Everything is created electronically and then emailed to you, along with some suggestions about your possible next steps. Soul Code of Light order page.

What's Included with your Soul Code of Light?

Given your Soul Code of Light has many, many layers of information, knowledge, and ancient wisdom for you to absorb, all of the layers of your Soul Code will contain just the right amount for you at this time. By ordering a layer of your Soul Code of Light, you will receive a 6+ page PDF that will be emailed to you containing the following pieces:
  • A large one-color version of your Soul Code layer (1 page)
  • A large multi-color version of your Soul Code layer (1 page)
  • Messages and guidance channel-written specifically for you for each Light Language symbol and cosmic marking. This is information your spiritual collective team would like you to know about this particular layer of your Soul Code (1+ pages)
  • The meanings of the colors used in your layer of your Soul Code of Light (1 page)
  • A list of suggestions about how to use your Soul Code to create a deeper connection to your Soul, so you can remain on your journey, fulfilling your life's purpose (1 page)
  • Four mini-colored versions of your Soul Code layer - to help you connect to the energies of your Soul Code by placing them in places where you spend the most time (1 page)
If you're feeling tingly, have goose bumps, or your inner knowing/intuition is speaking (shouting!) to you, and you would like to take the next step, you can order your Soul Code here.

Assistance is Available to Help You Connect to your Soul Code of Light

If you ever have questions about your Soul Code layer, need any assistance connecting to the various Light Language symbols and cosmic markings, or want to discover more about your messages and guidance, you are invited to schedule a session with Ellie (send her an email).

How Others Feel about their Soul Codes (testimonials)

"I really love it. To me, it feels routed to my childhood, grandparents, and the land I grew up on. Also feels connected to Charleston, and my experience here, and my spiritual journey. Like a map, connecting my past, present, and future - through time, space, and geography as well as ancestry (all lineage) and spirit guides. It reminds me to stay connected to the light. To have faith. And call on guidance. It reminds me of the multifaceted nature of who I am." ~Chelsey K.

"I just wanted to tell you how much I love my codes. My tattoo [Soul Code] is intense and it has so much deeper meaning (I am learning) with 6's and 7's. I am grateful every day that I got it tattooed on me! It's so cool that you can download something so powerful." ~Courtney D.

"I am placing crystals over the [individual Light] codes that are now transferred to my journal and my body is responding to this type of work with shifts that I feel very strongly - almost as strongly as if I was getting a massage! This work is really cleaning me up, and something very powerful and overflowing is opening up within - much like stepping into my Higher Self right here on Earth!!!! It's intense but it feels perfect and timely and aligned." ~Katerina B.

Ellie is so grateful, appreciative, and thankful for each opportunity she receives to download and draw a layer of someone’s Soul Code of light. They are all so vastly unique – each with its own distinct look, feel, and messages to share with the recipient. Ellie always gets super excited when another order comes in! She thanks you from the bottom of her heart and soul!