"I love my Soul's Code. I have it all over my house and in my car, and whenever I look at it, my Soul Code makes me smile, fills my heart with joy, and makes me feel so good. My life is more positive now, and I feel I am in the flow of universal energies. It's changed how I meditate. Instead of asking for light to come in during meditation, I visualize my Soul Code filling all my cells with light...and it does! The most powerful part is that it validates who I am, where I am on my Soul's path, and that I am doing exactly what I should be doing in my life and being the light I am supposed to be. My Soul Code of Light has helped strengthen my spiritual gifts and tools. Each day, it helps me to move forward and continue to share my light with every person, animal, and all innate energy sources provided by Gaia/Mother Earth. To anyone who is ready for it, I recommend getting a Soul Code of Light. It will change your Soul, life, and world." ~Debra E.

What is a Soul Code?

Simply said, a Soul Code helps you connect to your Inner Being, your heart, and your Soul. It feels different than connecting to your mind (AKA your monkey brain, always thinking about or doing something). Connecting to your Soul allows you the opportunity to hear your inner voice, to go within to explore who you are at a Soul level, for in that place is the ability to discover new ideas, creativity, technology, innovation, and so much more. Your Soul truly is your body's birthplace of creativity and beingness. If you take a moment to quiet your monkey brain, relax, and focus on your breathing (slowing your heart rate), you will be amazed at what messages and guidance could come to you - via dreams, visions, others telling you things, deja-vus, and even a few surprises.

How Could a Soul Code Help You?

Here are a few ways a Soul Code could assist in making your life become more fulfilling, rewarding, and happy:
  • Connects you to your heart and Soul, offering you information and wisdom, inspiring you to see and experience life through a different set of lenses
  • By listening to your Soul's inner guidance, you could feel better (emotionally and physically), with an improved outlook about your life and your future
  • Provides some insight about your Soul's path and life's purpose
  • Helps you become [more] aware of your spiritual abilities, gifts, and innate talents
  • Could answer questions about your karmic patterns (relationships, reactive patterns, finances, physical health, life lessons, generational healing, etc.)
  • Helps you recognize there is more to life beyond the physical/material/3D world that you see before you
A Soul Code is comprised of a unique collection of Light Language Symbols (AKA Light Codes, sometimes called Cosmic Codes). Since no two people’s Souls are the same, that means no two people’s Soul Codes are the same. Each Soul Code contains a different combination of Light Language Symbols and Cosmic Codes – and all of the Light Language Symbols and Cosmic Codes carry with them very specific pieces of information, knowledge, and ancient wisdom brought from past lives to help you in this lifetime. There exists an infinite number of Light Language Symbols and Cosmic Codes. Imagine the Light Language Symbols/Cosmic Codes as being layers of an onion and within each layer are more Light Language Symbols and Cosmic Codes (yes, there are codes within the codes!) Every person, place, and thing has one or more Light Language Symbols and/or Cosmic Codes. With your permission, Ellie is able to tap into your energy field to download and drawn a 2D visual of your unique Light Language Symbols and Cosmic Codes, which make up this layer of your Soul Code. Order yours here.

What is a Light Language Symbol (Light Code)?

> > Light Language Symbols Help Your Soul Communicate with You

You are a Light (and a Soul) inside a physical body. Each one of your trillions of cells is filled with Light and every particle of Light carries with it several data centers, called Light Language Symbols. These Light Language Symbols provide an opportunity for you to communicate with your Soul on a deeper, energetic, and more intense healing level because they contain the natural frequencies and vibrations specifically designed to elevate and uplift your inner being (your Soul) to help you do what you came into this life to do (your Soul's purpose). When these Light Language Symbols are allowed to connect beyond the physical plane (via a Light Language Symbol activation), their frequencies are able to open portals for the purpose of activating the information, knowledge, and ancient wisdom you already have inside of you to help guide you in the non-physical world of Spirit/Source/The Universe. Your Soul understands these Light Language Symbol frequencies and works in harmony with the Light Language Symbols to provide you with guidance and messages to assist you on your Soul's path, which is your life's purpose.

Think of it as a simple computer processor where there is input (data going in and being processed) and output (where the transactions and results appear). Light Language Symbols are the input, and the guidance and messages you receive from your Soul are the output. You could also say the computer processor is your Soul. And your brain works in the same way. These Light Language Symbols are important for your Soul's journey because when you came into your physical body in this lifetime (when you are born), you brought with you specific plans about what you previously agreed to accomplish during your current lifetime. These plans are filled with information, knowledge, and ancient wisdom from previous lifetimes – and also from outer star galaxies – all contained within the Light Language Symbols. The Light Language Symbols activate this information, knowledge, and ancient wisdom to help you navigate your Soul's path in this lifetime (your life's purpose).

> > You can find more Light Language Symbols in the Light Energy Tools that I have available: Selene and Heart Strong were both created in the same way – by downloading the Light Language Symbols to help activate your Soul's knowingness. The information, knowledge and wisdom that resides in your Soul has been there since before you were born and has been retained from your previous lifetimes. One of the actions of the Light Language Symbols is to awaken the unseen/untapped information, knowledge, and ancient wisdom inside of you and to bring these energies into your awareness so you can move forward on your Soul's path. (How cool is that??!?)

You know you are fulfilling your Soul's path when everything is going your way and life is smooth, carefree, and trouble-free (minus a couple of small bumps in the road, which are there to make life a little interesting and provide contrast). You are in the natural flow of your life. You're filled with peace and contentment, and you're happy (inside and out). You know exactly where you want to be and you know you will be there some day, without any fear, doubt, or questioning yourself. Everything is working out for you. You know deep down inside you are doing exactly what you are meant to be doing and you are loving it!

By connecting to your Soul and being open to receiving messages and guidance, you are tapping into the Light Language Symbols' information, knowledge, and ancient wisdom set before you. You are moving forward on your Soul's path. You no longer feel you have to force and push things to happen; they simply flow to you. You wake up excited (maybe even a little giddy) to start your day – not just on non-work days, every single day! Wow! Just imagine what that would feel like. Double Wow!

More Soul Code Testimonials

"I really love it. To me, it feels routed to my childhood, grandparents, and the land I grew up on. Also feels connected to Charleston, and my experience here, and my spiritual journey. Like a map, connecting my past, present, and future - through time, space, and geography as well as ancestry (all lineage) and spirit guides. It reminds me to stay connected to the light. To have faith. And call on guidance. It reminds me of the multifaceted nature of who I am." ~Chelsey K.

"I just wanted to tell you how much I love my codes. My tattoo [Soul Code] is intense and it has so much deeper meaning (I am learning) with 6's and 7's. I am grateful every day that I got it tattooed on me! It's so cool that you can download something so powerful." ~Courtney D.

"I am placing crystals over the [individual Light] codes that are now transferred to my journal and my body is responding to this type of work with shifts that I feel very strongly - almost as strongly as if I was getting a massage! This work is really cleaning me up, and something very powerful and overflowing is opening up within - much like stepping into my Higher Self right here on Earth!!!! It's intense but it feels perfect and timely and aligned." ~Katerina B.

How are the Soul Codes Created?

In a nutshell, the Soul Codes are downloaded and received from Ellie asking her Spiritual Team and Cosmic Collective to show her the layer of your Soul Code that will bring you the highest and best information for your Soul's path at this present time. Then Ellie grabs her paper and markers and drafts what she sees – or else she channels the code directly onto the paper. As mentioned earlier, each Soul Code consists of several Light Language Symbols, each one having a specific design and meanings.

After the Soul Code is drawn and Ellie's Spiritual Team [literally] gives her the green light to move forward, she adds color to your code. Once that step is complete, she puts the 2 versions of your Soul Code into digital format (pdf) and emails them to you.

The final step is for us to have an online video chat. This will be your opportunity to ask any questions about your Soul Code (you can ask about specific Light Language symbols and pieces of your Soul Code). Ellie will channel unique messages to answer your questions. She will also offer suggestions on how to further connect with your Soul Code. The video chat will be recorded and you will receive the access links afterwards.

If you're feeling tingly, have goose bumps, or your inner knowing/intuition is speaking (shouting!) to you, and you would like to take the next step, you can ORDER YOUR SOUL CODE HERE.

How did Ellie Get Started with Soul Codes?

If you read a little about me, you know I am here on this Earth to help others to heal in addition to assisting them to step into their Spiritual power, abilities, and gifts. And you may also know that I am spiritually-connected, I meditate and channel-write/draw to connect to the spiritual/esoteric plane, and I can see a multitude of codes and symbols – I don't have to be meditating, they are always within my range of sight, day and night, every day. I've been seeing these codes/symbols on a consistent basis since mid-2018. I've often wondered (and sometimes asked) what all of these codes mean. Sometimes I receive messages about upcoming events in the future. Sometimes I receive the message: "Not at this time" meaning I am to exercise patience and wait until their purpose and meanings are revealed to me.

In the fall of 2019, more of my questions were answered. I was asked if I had any codes to share. It was an unexpected, out of the blue question posed by a spiritually-enlightened friend. Without feeling into it, my brain immediately kicked in and I gave an instant, "No" response…... And then I paused my brain, flipped the switch from head to heart, and asked my Soul. I received an immediate, "Why, yes. Yes, I do" answer. And so I began to download and bring the Light Language Symbols and Soul Codes for others to help them with their spiritual journeys and healing.

I am so grateful, appreciative, and thankful for each opportunity I receive to download a Soul Code for someone. They are all so unique – each with their own personalities, information, knowledge, and ancient wisdom to share with the recipient. I always get super excited when another order comes in! Thank you from the bottom of my heart and Soul!!!