What's the Chakra Energy Series all About?

Behold the chakra energy series, a collection of 7 large, hand-painted energy creations, one for each of the 7 main chakras that we have in our bodies. Each one of the chakra pieces contains the energy of Light Language Symbols (Light Codes) and Cosmic Codes to promote Spiritual awareness, help people heal from their past pain and trauma, and open the receptive channels to assist in releasing ill feelings and experiences they hold on to in their physical bodies, hearts, and minds. The Light Language Symbol energy in these pieces helps people to heal because it evokes certain feelings and familiarity to help them recognize pieces in themselves that they wish to improve or change. This is done through an energetic connection from the Light Language Symbol to someone’s inner being (Soul) where the Light Language Symbols spark a remembering of information, knowledge, and ancient wisdom contained in that Soul.

The Light Language Symbols and Cosmic Codes were given to me during many hours of meditation, where I would ask my Spiritual Team to show me the codes and symbols best representative of a certain Chakra for the Highest Good of All. I wrote down all of the visuals I received in my journal, created the codes and symbols, and then transferred them onto the Chakra energy piece.

What is a Chakra?

A Chakra is an energy center in our bodies that allows our life-force energy (chi) to flow in and through us, keeping our emotions and well-being in balance. Each of the seven major Chakras represents certain qualities in our physical, emotional, intellectual, and spiritual bodies. These energy centers are necessary for keeping our mind-body-spirit connection strong, balanced, and healthy.

Here are some key points about the seven major Chakras (listed from top to bottom located along our spines, in the center of our bodies). Also included are links to the individual Chakra Energy pieces:
  • CROWN Title: "I HONOR" – (top of head) Color is violet/purple. Center of higher consciousness, enlightenment, spiritual connection, and divine intelligence.
  • THIRD EYE Title: "I SEE" – (between eyebrows) Dark blue/indigo in color. Center of intuition, spiritual awareness, self-reflection, and clear thoughts.
  • THROAT Title: "I SPEAK" – (center of clavicle) Color is light blue. Center of speaking your Truth, expressing your authentic self, and listening without judgment.
  • HEART Title: "I LOVE" – (in line with heart) Color is green. Center of universal love, compassion, joy, peace, kindness, forgiveness, and self-care.
  • SOLAR PLEXUS Title: "I WILL" – (below rib cage) Yellow in color. Center of confidence, determination, personal power, courage, self-discipline, and trusting your gut instincts.
  • SACRAL Title: "I FEEL" – (below belly button) Color is orange. Center of passion, pleasure, desire, sexuality, creativity, play, and relationships.
  • ROOT Title: "I AM" – (base of spine) Red in color. Center of physical and material world, safety/security, focus, productivity, strength, finances, and physical health.
When your Chakras are balanced and buzzing, you are your best version of yourself. Everything is working out for you. Your life simply and easily flows from one thing to another. Life is no longer a struggle. Your finances and physical ailments have improved. Each day is overflowing with joy, love, peace, happiness, and continued good health.

More Info about Chakras

There is so much more to tell you about your Chakra system. Rather than take up more space on this page, you are invited to check out some other pages that delve much deeper into your Chakras.
Besides websites and YouTube videos, there are countless books, courses, and even some Chakra-focused yoga classes to check out.

Adding your Unique Light Language Symbols to a Chakra Energy Piece

Each chakra energy piece contains many, many Light Language Symbols (Light Codes) and Cosmic Codes associated with healing for everyone who gazes at the piece. Sometimes that is enough for someone to feel and absorb the healing energies into their Soul. There are other times when someone desires her/his own Light Language Symbols and Cosmic Codes to be added onto an energy piece as a way of making the energy piece more personalized and unique to her/him. If this resonates with you, I encourage you to continue reading as there are 2 different levels of enhancements (L1 and L2) that can be added to your energy piece (whether it is a Light Energy piece [Selene and Heart Strong] or a Chakra Energy piece) are explained in further detail.

To have your energy piece enhanced with your personal Light Language Symbols and Cosmic Codes, there are two options currently available:
L1 = Approximately 4-6 Light Language Symbols and/or Cosmic Codes with your personalized messages for each code and/or symbol. The number of Light Language Symbols and/or Cosmic Codes depends on the size of the Energy piece – the larger sizes allow for more room to place the codes and symbols. Choose the size that feels best for you.
L2 = Same as L1 with the addition of the Chakra-specific 3D sacred geometry shape adhered to your Chakra Energy piece – some Chakra pieces have crystals, messages, and other super cool elements INSIDE the 3D sacred geometry shape. This offers you additional energy and healing potential.

All energy pieces are available without any additional Light Language Symbols and Cosmic Codes infused into them. If you aren’t sure about which choice is best, one idea could be to purchase a signed energy piece and then have your Light Language Symbols and Cosmic Codes added at a later time.

The Enhancement Process from Start to Finish

For the L1 and L2 enhancement options, here are some details about Ellie’s process to enhance your Chakra Energy piece with your Light Language Symbols and Cosmic Codes:

Receive your personal Light Language Symbols and/or Cosmic Codes: This is the beginning step where, with your permission, I look into your left eye (digitally or in person) and I see the Light Language Symbols and/or Cosmic Codes that you need at the present moment to help you move further along on your Soul’s path (life purpose) with ease and grace.

Transfer your Light Language Symbols and/or Cosmic Codes onto your energy piece: All of the codes and symbols are created and then added directly on top of your Chakra Energy piece using metallic paint and glazes (sometimes other materials are used – it depends on what guidance I have received). Sometimes repeated codes or symbols are painted on. Sometimes words are painted on.

Messages about each code and symbol are documented: As I paint each code and/or symbol onto your Chakra Energy piece, I ask my Spiritual Team (Angels, Guides, Master Teachers) what message they have specifically for you about that particular Light Language Symbol and/or Cosmic Code, and then I write down the channeled message next to a sample of that code or symbol. You will receive a hand-written page of the visuals and their associated messages during our in-person meeting or via email.

Pause for a few days (to allow piece to dry and ship): After the Chakra Energy piece is fully dried and cured (glazes can take a few days), it is delivered (or shipped) to you. During that slight waiting period, we will make an appointment for the two of us to either meet in person or have a video chat about your enhanced Energy piece.

We meet to go over your enhanced Chakra Energy piece: During our 30-minute conversation, I will share your personal messages about the individual Light Language Symbols and/or Cosmic Codes found in your Chakra Energy piece. You will learn about the 3D sacred geometry shape, how it was created, and any additional messages or guidance (if added). In addition, I will show you how to connect to your new Chakra energy “baby.”

What’s the Timeline?

If you ordered an L1 enhancement (Light Language Symbols and/or Cosmic Codes only): I am currently averaging about 2 weeks’ time from when I receive your Light Language Symbols and/or Cosmic Codes and when I am ready for our in-person or video chat to share the messages about your Chakra Energy piece.

If you ordered an L2 enhancement (Light Language Symbols/Cosmic Codes and 3D sacred geometry shape): I am currently averaging about 3 weeks’ time from when I receive your Light Language Symbols and/or Cosmic Codes and when I am ready for our in-person or video chat to share the messages about your Chakra Energy piece. The extra week is needed to create the 3D sacred geometry shape and to allow ample adhesion time to the print.

I will keep in touch with you during each phase to let you know about your Chakra Energy piece’s progress. In the meanwhile, feel free to contact me with any questions. Thank you!!