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  • Image of Happy Chicken
  • Image of Happy Chicken
  • Image of Happy Chicken

Prepare to be charmed by the delightful story behind this feathered friend!

Meet the "Happy Chicken," a charming character with a history as colorful as its plumage. This plucky poultry first strutted onto the scene in the late 1980s during my art college days. Back then, I was tasked with a mission to turn toothpaste into a party. Enter the Happy Chicken, a charismatic fowl who knows how to make dental hygiene a hoot! With a toothbrush as big as his dreams, he'd dance around, belting out a catchy tune that would make even the grumpiest of mornings feel like a joyous jamboree.

As my college years rolled on, the Happy Chicken strutted his stuff in more of my projects. He became more than just a mascot; he was my college confidant, my feathered friend in a faraway land. While others had soft, cuddly teddy bears, I had the HAPPY CHICKEN! His cheerful presence warmed my heart, reminding me of home and loved ones, even when I was 1,000 miles away.

Now, I'm thrilled to introduce the Happy Chicken to you, with the hope that he'll sprinkle your days with happiness, joy, and a dash of whimsy. We all face those tough moments, but this plucky poultry is here to chase your stress away and show you the brighter side of life. So, let the Happy Chicken be your beacon of positivity and a reminder that smiles can be found in the most unexpected places. Happy clucking! 🐔🌟

Original materials include acrylic and metallic paint on canvas board. Created in 2023. Currently available on printed, high-quality canvases, coasters, and a coffee mug (more goodies to come).

(sizes are approximate)

All 8x8" square framed canvas prints will have a 3/4" frame height and stretched (colored lines - see image above) border around the edges of the canvas. These are ready to hang and they are lightweight so a small nail or push pin will do the trick!

(Additional fee: $22.00)

Elevate the distinctiveness of your Happy Chicken by having it infused with your own energy symbols. Ellie can incorporate 3 to 5 of your unique symbols onto the canvas of your chicken. These symbols will be meticulously painted onto the premium canvas using metallic paints and shimmering glazes. The outcome is a truly individualized artwork, as each person's canvas will display a different combination of symbols. Picture these energy symbols as your personal emblems of resilience, prosperity, and joy. Each symbol carries with it a tailored message crafted exclusively for you, delivering words of encouragement and introspection.

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