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  • Image of HEART STRONG

You are much more than a physical body! You are a spirited soul, capable of mastering any task, decision, and responsibility brought into your awareness. At times, your monkey brain (head) may try to talk you out of doing something that could allow you to shine your light, expand your consciousness, connect further to your soul, and understand your purpose in this world. Realize you are never alone. You always have a choice to follow your heart instead of your thinking head. Always!

As you look at the background of the “Heart Strong” energy tool, you may discover some familiar shapes and also some shapes you may not recognize. Those unknown shapes are likely to be Light Language symbols (light codes) and cosmic symbols, which are bits of information, knowledge, and ancient wisdom that come in the form of energy. That energy connects to your soul and when you connect to your soul, you are able to receive the information from those Light Language symbols (you can read more about the Light Language symbols here).

The Light Language symbols also offer you a zap or two of healing – whether it’s from your childhood, adulthood, neighborhood, or anything else. The energy inside the Light Language symbols promotes a healthy mind-body-spirit connection to your Soul and well-being. All you need to do is let go of your thinking brain and the need to control and restrict, and simply allow the energies of the Light Language symbols to wash over you, as if you are being showered with your soul’s wisdom. Allow it to ignite a burning desire within you to discover more about your heart and soul, and perhaps your life's purpose. You may feel an urge to do something you thought about once a long time ago, all based on the principle of “do what you love and love what you do.” Take a chance and try something outside your comfort zone. It may become one of the best experiences of your life and it may help you discover more about yourself and your Soul.

The channeled phrase was graciously delivered by Archangel Raphael through Wendy Perrell.

Original materials include acrylic and metallic paint, sparkle glaze, a heart-shaped mirror, and clear quartz crystal spears arranged on a 12"x12" maple box.

(sizes are approximate)

All paper prints are printed without a white (paper) border on them so the image bleeds on all sides. Printed on heavyweight premium photo paper. Each print is signed and dated by Ellie.

(sizes are approximate)

All framed canvas prints will have a 1.5" frame height and very slight white border around the print on canvas. These are ready to hang. Due to the extensive amount of handwork involved, please allow up to 14 days for your order to be ready. Thanks so very much for your patience!


Includes 7 cards and 7 envelopes.
Printed on heavyweight matte ivory paper. The inside of the note cards are blank so you can write from your heart and Soul. On the front cover, there is white space around the "Heart Strong" image. The back cover of each card contains "Heart Strong" details, copyright, and contact info.

(size is approximate)

I got adventurous and printed this art on a pillow. Each pillow is two-sided: the front side is the “Heart Strong” energy tool. The other side features a Light Language symbol depicting the feeling of “Happy Joy”. This symbol evokes feelings of joy, happiness, and contentment. The material is a soft, durable polyester, which looks like canvas close up. These pillows are super fluffy and measure about 13” square (from end to end). They are very easy to clean – simply use a damp cloth to spot clean or dry clean. These zipperless pillows are one piece – they are NOT covers with fillers. A great high-vibe addition to any room!

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