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Your Soul Code of Light Defined ...A roadmap to help you navigate your Soul’s path and fulfill your life's purpose by guiding you to step into your spiritual power, abilities, and gifts, as well as helping connect you to your soul.

For an introduction to Soul Codes, please read more here to discover:
  • What a Soul Code of Light could do for you
  • How they are created
  • What are Light Language symbols (Light codes)
  • What's included with your Soul Code of Light
  • How others feel about their Soul Codes (testimonials)


(1) Ellie receives a one-colored version of your Soul Code layer: Usually watercolor markers on paper are used to draw and color your Soul Code of Light. Occasionally, she is guided to use a computer to create your Soul Code (it all depends on how your brain is wired – some people relate better to straight lines and perfect circles while others don’t mind the imperfections of hand-drawn shapes and coloring).

(2) Within a few days or more, Ellie receives the colored version of your Soul Code layer: The watercolor markers provide beautiful color blending, which is not available using computer drawing software. Since each Soul Code layer is different, it is hard to describe what yours will look like. All we can do is trust the process, keeping an open heart, open mind, and open arms :=)

(3) After a few more days, Ellie channel-writes the messages and guidance for you: She asks her spiritual and cosmic collective teams what messages and guidance can be shared with you about each Light Language symbol and cosmic marking to help you navigate this particular layer of your Soul Code so you can stay in the highest vibration and continue moving forward with your life's purpose. She channel-writes every word that is given to her.

(4) Your Soul Code and Messages are emailed to you in a 6+ page PDF: Ellie will send you a PDF with your large one-color Soul Code layer, large multi-color Soul Code layer, 1+ pages of your messages and guidance, 1 page of color meanings, 1 page of four mini-colored Soul Codes to print, cut, and place wherever you choose, and suggestions about how to use your Soul Code. This is an opportunity to deeply connect to your soul, for your soul knows the real you, underneath all of your masks and layers.


I am currently averaging about 3-4 weeks’ time from when I am signaled there is a Soul Code of Light ready for you to the time I am ready to send you the completed PDF via email. If your Soul Code is still forming, then the process will take longer. I will keep in touch with you during each step of the process to let you know about your Soul Code’s progress. In the meanwhile, feel free to message me with any questions. Thank you!


If you ever have questions about your Soul Code layer, need any assistance connecting to the various Light Language symbols and cosmic markings, or want to discover more about your messages and guidance, you are invited to schedule a discovery session with Ellie. This session can be done as part of receiving your Soul Code layer or days/weeks+ later. There are 2 options to choose from if you are interested in a session: Combined with your Soul Code layer or the session alone. Choose from the menu below.


$135.00 (Soul Code only, digital file delivered via email), no shipping fees ($0.00).
** Also offering discovery sessions (channeled readings) with or without your Soul Code. You can choose what feels best to you.

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