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NEW!!! A roadmap for your Soul’s path and journey to help you step into your Spiritual power, abilities, and gifts as well as connect you to your Soul.

For an introduction to Soul Codes, please read more here to discover:
  • What a Soul Code could do for you
  • How they are created
  • What are Light Language Symbols (Light Codes)
  • What others feel/think about their Soul Codes (Testimonials)
  • How Ellie got started with Soul Codes


(1) Receive a one-colored version of your Soul Code: Usually watercolor markers and marker paper are used to draw and color your Soul Code. Occasionally, I am guided to use a computer to create your Soul Code (I feel it all depends on how your brain is wired – some people like straight lines and perfect circles while others don’t mind the imperfections of hand-drawn shapes).

(2) Receive the colored version of your Soul Code: The watercolor markers provide beautiful color blending. Since each Soul Code is different, it is hard to describe what your Soul Code will look like. I can honestly say that all of the Soul Codes that have been downloaded are all unique – because all Souls are unique.

(3) Receive messages and translations especially for you: I channel my Angels, guides, Ascended Masters and Cosmic Light Beings, for they are my Spiritual Team. They are the beings who provide the messages and translations for you. Before I receive the words for you (via channel writing), I ask for only the highest vibrational energies to come through and I also ask that the messages not be to specific in meaning so as to remain respectful of your privacy.

(4) Your Soul Code is sent to you: I want to you to have some time to spend connecting to your Soul Code, looking it over, becoming acclimated to it. For this reason, I will send you a visual of your one-color and multi-colored Soul Code before we meet to go over your messages and translations.

(5) We meet to go over your Soul Code: I will share info about the colors used as well as the individual Light Language Symbols (Light Codes) found in your Soul Code. You will learn about their high-level meanings and translations (this also includes any Light Language – if added).


Here's a list of the takeaways you will have once our time is complete:
  • A one-color version of your Soul Code (pdf)
  • A multi-colored version of your Soul Code (pdf)
  • Two pages of messages, translations, and color meanings (pdf)
  • A 30-minute in-person meeting or video chat to go over where the individual Light Language Symbols are that make up your Soul Code and their specific meanings and translations. In addition, you will learn suggestions on how to connect to your Soul Code more (and sometimes a spontaneous channeled reading comes through for you)
  • One page of four mini colored Soul Codes (pdf) – to print, cut, and hang wherever you choose


I am currently averaging about 3-4 weeks’ time from when I am signaled there is a Soul Code ready for you to the time I am ready for our in-person or video chat to share the messages and translations about your code. If your Soul Code is still forming, then the process will take longer. I will keep in touch with you during each step of the process to let you know about your code’s progress. In the meanwhile, feel free to contact me with any questions. Thank you!


$125.00 (all inclusive, digital files delivered via email)

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