• Image of Starlight Wisdom Card Deck & Guidebook
  • Image of Starlight Wisdom Card Deck & Guidebook
  • Image of Starlight Wisdom Card Deck & Guidebook
  • Image of Starlight Wisdom Card Deck & Guidebook
  • Image of Starlight Wisdom Card Deck & Guidebook

STARLIGHT WISDOM CARDS: Navigating the New Earth

56-Card Deck and Guidebook


The Starlight Wisdom cards are – and will continue to be – a project of love and light for Ellie. What you see here is not simply just another oracle card deck. Each card in the deck carries with it energies and light from beyond the physical world – energies from other realms and star systems. All of the card symbols and messages are for you, to help you move forward with your life and to help you stay true to your life’s purpose. These cards offer you assistance in connecting you to your soul, your inner being, for it is in that sweet spot where your true spirit lies.

While Ellie began to play with the idea for this guidebook and wisdom card deck in 2018, she started downloading and drawing the Light Language symbols in this deck in March 2020 – just as the pandemic hit the world. Ellie had no idea what they would turn out to be nor how much her life would be enriched by adding this practice into her daily routine.

In order to draw and create these symbols, Ellie knew she was to connect to her spiritual and cosmic collective teams, draw the symbols as guided by her collective teams, channel-write the messages of light for each symbol, and then share them with humankind. At the time she began, Ellie did not know these symbols, affirmations, and light messages would take on the form of a card deck and guidebook. It has been a magical journey seeing the Light Language symbols come to life, complete with color, energy, and guidance for humankind.

Just because the Starlight Wisdom cards are two-dimensional, that does not mean you have to see the cards only as they are on the paper. You are encouraged to look at the cards at different angles (tilted) and in different directions (sideways or upside down). You are your own unique soul in a unique physical body. Your life experiences are different, just as your life’s journey is not the same as another’s. You are invited to honor your uniqueness and do what feels best to you in the moment, no matter what the card messages or affirmations may say or what words are written in this guidebook (there’s a reason why Ellie refers to the booklet as a GUIDEBOOK and not something else). By giving yourself permission to make a course adjustment when you feel it is needed, you are honoring yourself and your soul. You are showing yourself that you matter and you are important.

Here's wishing you many new discoveries about your soul, your life’s purpose, and your connection to humankind. May you always live your life with your feet planted on the ground and your arms reaching for the stars. You can make the choice to have both – it doesn’t have to be one or the other. Celebrate and enjoy yourself as you navigate this New Earth. You are the light. We are all the light.


>> Cards
There are 56 cards in the deck, each measuring 3.5" x 5". The 8‑pointed star mandala of light (helping to activate the soul connection energies inside of you) is on the back of each card along with an abstract background image. On the fronts of the cards are the Light Language symbol, card title, and affirmations. Each card front has a white background. This is so the energies of the symbols and words can be seen and felt (simplicity rules!). All cards are full of color and they are printed on heavy card stock with a linen texture (great for handling and shuffling).

>> Guidebook
Inside the 110 pages, you will find colored Light Language symbols, several 8-pointed mandalas of light, and many pages of channel-written message phrases and passages for each of the cards. You will also be able to read about the New Earth, how the deck was created, and how to work with the Starlight Wisdom cards. The size is also 3.5" x 5" and the inside pages are glossy with the cover printed on heavier glossy paper. And you might find a few surprises, too!

>> Packaging
The card deck and guidebook are shrink-wrapped together and then placed inside a shimmering deep blue pouch decorated with celestial designs on the outside. This packaging makes it a breeze for traveling because it takes up less space in your bag or pack.

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