• Image of CHAKRA TREE
  • Image of CHAKRA TREE
  • Image of CHAKRA TREE
  • Image of CHAKRA TREE

NEW!!! This energy piece combines the energies of the seven major Chakras in your body (from the Chakra Energy Tool series) along with keywords that represent each color of the 7 Chakras. Whether you consider yourself to be a logical person, a feeling person, or perhaps a mix of the two, you will be able to find something to help energize you. The shape of a tree is significant of growth – not only in your Chakras becoming balanced and energized with high, positive vibrations, there is also growth in your connection to your inner being and Soul.

There are messages for each of the seven major Chakras for you: May you always be surrounded by…
  • High vibrations and an encouraging, spirited Soul (Crown Chakra)
  • Clear thoughts and eye-opening intuition (Third Eye)
  • The ability to speak your Truth as your authentic self (Throat)
  • Hubba bubba love, peace, joy, and forever happiness (Heart)
  • Oodles of confidence, determination, personal power, and courage (Solar Plexus)
  • Time to play, laugh, and explore your passions (Sacral)
  • The strength to overcome any obstacle and the focus to lead a balanced life (Root)

(sizes are approximate)

All paper prints are printed with a slight white (paper) border on them so the image almost bleeds on all sides. Printed on heavyweight premium photo paper. Each print is signed and dated by Ellie.

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Includes 7 cards and 7 envelopes. Printed on heavyweight matte ivory paper. Insides of note cards are blank so you can write from your heart and Soul. There is a slight white (paper) border on all 4 sides of the front cover. Back cover of each card contains Chakra Tree details, copyright, and contact info.

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