Energy Art Title: "I SEE"
If the idea of Chakras is new to you and you would like some more details, check out the Chakra Energy info page.

Your Third EyeChakra is located between your brows and is the center of your intuition, spiritual connection, clairvoyance, clear thoughts, and seeing the Truth sans illusions and lies. An illuminating indigo with light touches of royal blue and soft purple represent this eye-opening Chakra. This “I See” chakra energy tool contains Sacred Geometry (the Merkaba – or Metatron’s Cube), Quantum Physics energy, Light language Symbols, Cosmic Codes, and crystals – all related to this indigo Chakra.

When your Third Eye Chakra is buzzing, you start feeling the door to Higher Consciousness opening as it welcomes you to your unique journey to Spirit and All That Is. You also become aware of your spiritual gifts and abilities, including all six of the ‘clair’ senses. You might be out of balance and need an adjustment if you experience any sinus, eyes/nose/ears/head discomfort (including migraines), brain fog, insomnia or if your monkey brain is always thinking 24/7.

How Can You Strengthen your Third Eye Chakra by Using this Energy Tool?

Simply said, you can start the process of activating your Third Eye Chakra simply by focusing upon it. Yes, it really is that simple! By taking the time to fully gaze at this chakra energy tool, you are allowing the [Quantum physics] energy, colors, Light Language Symbols (Light Codes), and Cosmic codes to connect and activate your Third Eye Chakra on a much deeper level.

Ellie recommends including a few more multi-sensory actions to ensure your chakra energy tool is among other healing elements to amplify the balancing and healing effects. Suggestions include:
  1. Setting an intention for healing and activating your Third Eye Chakra: “Using this chakra energy tool, I allow myself the time and space to connect to my Third Eye Chakra without judgment or expectations. All is well… I am ready to begin as I allow the Light Language Symbols and Cosmic Codes to initiate my emotional healing and activate my knowledge to keep me on my Soul’s path for my highest and greatest good.”
  2. Listening to some soothing instrumental music (you can search "Third Eye chakra meditation music" on YouTube)
  3. Breathing in and exhaling deeply as you allow your eyes to wander around your piece. Pause for a moment to appreciate and discover its many colors, Light Language Symbols, Cosmic Codes, and patterns. Repeat these suggested affirmations while gazing at the Third Eye Chakra energy tool: "I allow my intuition to guide me as I listen to the messages of my Soul" ~ "I trust that my highest good and greatest joy are unfolding" ~ "I create clarity of mind and unlimited vision for myself" ~ “Every situation is an opportunity for growth and healing” ~ "I see my future and it looks absolutely AMAZING!!!" or some affirmations of your choosing
  4. Repeat this visualization exercise for 5-10 minutes a day and soon you could be feeling an increased awareness of self by awakening your intuition and other spiritual gifts and abilities as your Third Eye Chakra moves into balance and alignment.
> > If you are unsure and would like personal assistance, Ellie is available for chakra energy tool coaching and/or healing. Click here to send a request for assistance.

Examples of a strong Third Eye Chakra:
  • You are more confident and trust that the decisions you make are for your highest good and the highest good of all
  • You are comfortable with your intuition, have a sense of knowing about your life's purpose, and are comfortable taking action, even when times seem tough
  • You possess the ability to see clearly, clear mental blockages quickly and with ease, and improve your mental flexibilities
  • Your sleep could be more restful, consistent, and less uninterrupted by your thoughts

  • On the original (20"x32") artwork, finely ground Lapis Lazuli crystal powder was mixed with steam-distilled water (that was charged by the full moon) to create a Lapis Lazuli paste, which was then finger-rubbed onto the artwork. The crystal paste provides additional energy and intuition-building focus
  • The energy swirls at the bottom of the sacred geometry shape (radiating towards the figure) signify our intuitive connection to our Higher Self and also to our inner being (our Soul)
  • The figure is reaching up to Higher Consciousness/spiritual plane and down to connect to the physical/material plane
  • The original Third Eye Chakra energy tool contains approx. 59 different Light Code and color combos, with each layer containing meanings and healing messages
  • Sacred Geometry Shape: The Merkaba – AKA Metatron’s Cube or Star Tetrahedron (includes all five Platonic Solids hidden inside, symbolizing the underlying geometric patterns found throughout the Universe. It's named after Archangel Metatron, who watches over the flow of energy in creation and provides a connection to the divine) provides the energy for you to connect to the other six major Chakras (represented by the six large indigo shapes)
  • "The Flower of Life, tree of life, Seed of Life forms, Phi, Fibonacci numbers, Golden Spiral, Golden Ratio, Golden ratio, and many new discovers coming out of Quantum Physics stem from understanding the sacred geometry shape of Metatron's Cube" written by Von Galt, merkabachakras.com
  • Original materials used include acrylic and metallic paint, glaze, label stock, foam board and finely ground Lapis Lazuli powder on heavy illustration board
  • Message: May you always be able to see your future with clarity and clear vision!


For more details about the enhancement process and benefits, click here to read more. To have your energy piece enhanced with your personal Light Language Symbols and/or Cosmic Codes, there are two choices currently available:

L1 = Enhanced(L1): Approximately 4-6 Light Language Symbols and/or Cosmic Codes with your personalized messages for each code and/or symbol are added on top of your energy piece (usually using metallic paint). The number of Light Language Symbols and/or Cosmic Codes depends on the size of the energy piece – the larger sizes allow for more room to place the codes and symbols. Choose the size that feels best for you.

L2 = Super-enhanced(L2): Same as L1 with the addition of the Chakra-specific 3D sacred geometry shape adhered to your Chakra Energy piece – some Chakra sacred geometry shapes have crystals, messages, and other super cool elements INSIDE the 3D shape. This offers you additional healing potential and infused energy for a deeper connection between you and the energy piece.

NOTE: Due to varied designs in the 3D sacred geometry shape, slight variations in patterns, colors, and textures will definitely occur.

***Both enhanced L1 and L2 choices include a Light Code activation to help you connect on a deeper level to your energy tool and your Soul.

(sizes are approximate)

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(sizes are approximate)

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