• Image of THIRD EYE (INDIGO)
  • Image of THIRD EYE (INDIGO)
  • Image of THIRD EYE (INDIGO)

Your Third Eye Chakra is located between your brows and is the center of your intuition, spiritual connection, clairvoyance, clear thoughts and seeing the truth. This chakra might need strengthening if you experience any sinus, eyes/nose/ears/head discomfort, brain fog, insomnia or if your monkey brain is always thinking 24/7.

How can you strengthen your Third Eye Chakra? By taking the time to fully gaze at this art and appreciate its energy, colors and shapes. Put on some soothing instrumental music, breathe and exhale deeply as you let your eyes wander around the art, slowing down to appreciate and discover its colors and patterns. Repeat these affirmations while gazing at the art: "Following my intuition and inner guidance keeps me safe and sound." "I choose to see things from the most optimistic perspective each and every day." Try doing this for 10 minutes a day and soon you could be feeling more tuned into your intuitive potential.

Examples of a strong Third Eye Chakra:
  • You are more confident and trust that the decisions you make are for your highest good and the highest good of all
  • You are comfortable with your intuition, have a sense of knowing about your life's purpose and are comfortable taking action, even when times seem tough
  • Your sleep could be more restful, consistent and less uninterrupted by your thoughts
SACRED GEOMETRY: Merkaba (Metatron's Cube) connecting to figure
CRYSTAL: Lapis Lazuli
  • On the original (20"x32") artwork, finely ground Lapis Lazuli crystal powder was mixed with steam-distilled water (that was charged by the full moon) to create a Lapis Lazuli paste, which was then rubbed onto the artwork. The crystal paste provides additional energy and intuition-building focus
  • The Sacred Geometry shape provides the energy to connect the other 6 major Chakras (represented by the 6 large indigo shapes)
  • The energy swirls at the bottom of the Merkaba (radiating to the figure) signify our intuitive connection to our Higher Self (Inner Being)
MESSAGE: May you always be able to see your future with clarity and clear vision!
MATERIALS: Acrylic and metallic paint, glaze, label stock, foam board and finely ground Lapis Lazuli powder on heavy illustration board

(sizes are approximate)

All paper prints will have a white (paper) border on them.
These prints look great with a satin white frame from Art To Frame.
L1 = Additional energy has been added to these signed prints. Includes 3-4 additional layers of energy (via glaze and/or metallic paint) on top of the signed print.
L2 = Each art piece is unique! Includes 4-5 additional energy layers (using glaze and/or metallic paint) and the 3D Sacred Geometric shape will be added on top of the signed print.
NOTE: Due to varied designs, slight variations in patterns, colors and textures will definitely occur.

(sizes are approximate)

All framed canvas prints will have a 1.5" frame height and white border around the print. These are ready to hang. Due to the extensive amount of handwork involved, please allow up to 14 days for your order to be ready. Thanks so very much for your patience!

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