Energy Art Title: "I SPEAK"
If the idea of Chakras is new to you and you would like some more details, check out the Chakra Energy info page.

Your Throat Chakra is located along your spine, at the base of your throat and is the center for speaking your truth and expressing your authentic self. A light blue with soft touches of royal blue and aqua represent this chatter box Chakra. This “I Speak” chakra energy tool contains Sacred Geometry (the dodecahedron), Quantum Physics energy, Light Language Symbols (Light Codes), Cosmic Codes, and crystals – all related to this baby blue Chakra.

When your Throat Chakra is bubbly, words flow effortlessly and you are comfortable expressing how you feel no matter the circumstance. Your chakra might be out of balance and need some TLC if you find yourself telling non-truths (lies/fibs) about yourself or about others (including gossiping), frequent sore throats, or neck/upper shoulder problems.

How Can You Strengthen your Throat Chakra by Using this Energy Tool?

Simply said, you can start the process of activating your Throat Chakra simply by focusing upon it. Yes, it really is that simple! By taking the time to fully gaze at this chakra energy tool, you are allowing the [Quantum physics] energy, colors, Light Language Symbols, and Cosmic Codes to connect and activate your Throat Chakra on a much deeper level.

Ellie recommends including a few more multi-sensory actions to ensure your chakra energy tool is among other healing elements to amplify the balancing and healing effects. Suggestions include:
  1. Setting an intention for healing and activating your Throat Chakra: “Using this chakra energy tool, I allow myself the time and space to connect to my Throat Chakra without judgment or expectations. All is well… I am ready to begin as I allow the Light Language Symbols and Cosmic Codes to initiate my emotional healing and activate my knowledge to keep me on my Soul’s path for my highest and greatest good."
  2. Listening to some soothing instrumental music (you can search "Throat chakra meditation music" on YouTube)
  3. Breathing in and exhaling deeply as you allow your eyes to wander around your piece. Pause for a moment to appreciate and discover its many colors, Light Language Symbols, Cosmic Codes, and patterns. Repeat these suggested affirmations while gazing at the Throat Chakra energy tool: “I live in my truth, I communicate my truth, I am my truth” ~ "I am an important voice in the world and my voice is heard" ~ “I am safe and trust others to allow me to express my authentic self” or some affirmations of your choosing
  4. Repeat this visualization exercise for 5-10 minutes a day and soon you could be feeling a tremendous change in how you communicate – and how others communicate with you (by taking your lead) as your Throat Chakra moves into balance and alignment.
> > If you are unsure and would like personal assistance, Ellie is available for chakra energy tool coaching and/or healing. Click here to send a request for assistance.

Examples of a balanced Throat Chakra:
  • You speak clearly with confidence and you are comfortable standing your ground if questioned or confronted
  • It is easy for you to express yourself in a loving and compassionate way. You are a solid communicator and listener.
  • You can’t remember the last time you had a sore throat, tooth ache, or tightness in your neck or shoulders
  • People may tell you they’ve noticed your communication style changing for the better (more effective, louder voice, no interruptions)

  • On the original (20"x32") artwork, chunks of turquoise and small spears of blue kyanite were placed around the sacred geometry shape, the dodecahedron, as well as on and around the figure. This symbolizes communication using sound and language – hearing and listening, speaking and comprehending, and verbal and non-verbal
  • The Throat Chakra centers around sound and language so you will find musical notes, numbers, English letters/words and Sanskrit text in the art
  • The figure with the lines radiating outward reminds us to speak from our hearts and souls in truth by being consistently authentic and genuine
  • During a meditation, I heard the song, “Pac-Man Fever” and then I saw 2 Pac-Men talking to (or perhaps talking at?) one another. The speech lines in this visual relate to the many different ways that we communicate
  • The original Throat Chakra energy tool contains approx. 81 different Light Language Symbols, Cosmic Codes, and color combos, with each layer containing meanings and healing messages
  • Sacred Geometry Shape: The dodecahedron (Platonic solid with 12 pentagonal faces and 30 edges) appears above the figure. The dodecahedron is associated with the Universe, and represents mystery and meditation
  • Original materials used include acrylic and metallic paint, glaze, label stock, foam board, and turquoise and blue kyanite crystal chips on heavy illustration board
  • Message: May you always be able to speak and express your authentic self!


For more details about the enhancement process and benefits, click here to read more. To have your energy piece enhanced with your personal Light Language Symbols and/or Cosmic Codes, there are two choices currently available:

L1 = Enhanced(L1): Approximately 4-6 Light Language Symbols and/or Cosmic Codes with your personalized messages for each code and/or symbol are added on top of your energy piece (usually using metallic paint). The number of Light Language Symbols and/or Cosmic Codes depends on the size of the energy piece – the larger sizes allow for more room to place the codes and symbols. Choose the size that feels best for you.

L2 = Super-enhanced(L2): Same as L1 with the addition of the Chakra-specific 3D sacred geometry shape adhered to your Chakra Energy piece – some Chakra sacred geometry shapes have crystals, messages, and other super cool elements INSIDE the 3D shape. This offers you additional healing potential and infused energy for a deeper connection between you and the energy piece.

NOTE: Due to varied designs in the 3D sacred geometry shape, slight variations in patterns, colors, and textures will definitely occur.

***Both enhanced L1 and L2 choices include a Light Code activation to help you connect on a deeper level to your energy tool and your Soul.

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(sizes are approximate)

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